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Take back your life at work and home. Use Energy Therapeutic Solutions Seminars, Workshops, Wellness Programs and Individual Sessions to make your life work.


What if you could instantly stop stressing and feel centered and clear instead. Do you know you are already innately designed to do this? Our Program teaches you how to access your natural ability to turn stress triggers into calm and confident triggers anytime you want to. You will be able to recognize when you are running habit patterns that cause you to stress and instantly be able to change them to positive ones instead.

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Our Program is specifically designed for making relationships work, both personally and professionally. Are you experiencing negative relationships at home or work that you don’t know how to change? We give you powerful tools to build healthy relationship skills such as how to handle difficult relationships, people and situations with ease. Be it home, at work, or socially, you can learn how to easily communicate and understand each other.

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Health, Healing
and Nutrition

You are naturally designed and structured to be happy and healthy and function optimally. But sometimes you just can’t function that way, even when you try your best. This program shows you how to resolve that problem. We teach you how to utilize your innate healing abilities for yourself and others. We give you easy and effective tools and energy techniques to use daily that help you restore happiness, health and balance in your life. 

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Transitions Easy

In our Program you learn how to make all life adjustments - big or small - with confidence and ease. We help you get un-stuck from what isn’t working in your life and change it into what does work. Do you know your brain is innately designed to resolve problems? We give you powerful techniques to access your natural abilities to make the transitions you desire for a happy and fulfilling life.

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for Corporations

ETS teaches Instant Stress Management in your work place. We give your company powerful tools and techniques that enable your workforce to work clearly when stressed, the ability to problem solve under pressure, and how to confidently handle all situations thrown at you any given day.

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Listening to your feedback

  • When I first came to work with Barbara I felt anxious, stressed and suffered from ridged thinking. I could hardly see beyond my own frustration. Now I’ve learned how to transform those pent up energies, and instead I live with a true sense of peace and confidence.- Romy, Sales, Az

  • Barbara helped me to make peace with the death of my husband, and helped my daughter to experience that even though her father had died, she could still feel close to him. She has given us the tools to get unstuck from our grief and sadness and get on with life with clarity and strength.- Rachel, Yoga Instructor, Il

  • After working with Barbara, our whole family has learned many life-skills, like instantly shifting out of ego’s power battles and trauma-dramas into our Truth’s peace and clarity. What Barb taught us really works!- Debra, Interior Design, Az

  • Working with Barbara has changed my life in ways I didn’t think were possible. This program works so fast and the results are instant. It’s amazing that we all have the same power and Barb has shown me how to use it daily in all facets of my life.- Rob, CEO, Ca

Communicating who we are

  • Barbara Mahaffey

    Barbara Mahaffey, M.A.

    Psychologist / Mind-Body-Energy Therapist / Consultant
    Co-founder of Energy Therapeutic Solutions
    (602) 690-0375

  • Deborah Pearson

    Deborah Pearson

    President and Co-founder of Energy Therapeutic Solutions
    (646) 918-4985

Aligning directly with your innate powers

Mind, Body & Soul

For more than 30 years Barbara has practiced, taught, lectured and consulted in the fields of traditional and holistic medicine, psychology, business and education. With her unique techniques, Barbara gives her clients effective tools and powerful exercises to show them how to tap into their inner powers of being stress free, happy and clear no matter what is going on around them. Her goal is teaching and living the highest use of body, mind and soul in everyday life.

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